The ExiLives project seeks to facilitate gold and/or green open-access to all research results and publications. Below is a list with links to all publications and event recordings associated with the project.

Policy Report

Download here.

Video Recordings

Exiled Lives: Curated Panel @ Matters of Urgency, 29 Sept. 2022, 13:30-15:00, FU Berlin, Hörsaal 1a
Exiled Lives: Theatre Workshop, 27 Oct. 2022, 19:00-21:00 @ Arcola Theatre, London, Studio 4


Haughton, Miriam, Alinne Balduino P. Fernandes & Pieter Verstraete. Theatre, Performance and Commemoration: Staging Crisis, Memory and Nationhood. London: Bloomsbury (Methuen Drama), 2023. (forthcoming) 

Verstraete, Pieter. “Gezi’s Women in Red: A Genealogy of an Icon from Street to Stage”, Performance Research 27.3-4 (May 2023; forthcoming): pp.137-147.

Verstraete, Pieter. “Exiled Lives on the Stage: Support Networks and Programs for Artists at Risk from Turkey in Germany”, Open Letters, Open Research Europe (2023; forthcoming).

Verstraete, Pieter. “Exiled Lives on the Stage: When Storytellers become the Story”, Red Thread 6.1 (2023) (forthcoming).

Verstraete, Pieter. “Exiled Lives on the Stage: Turkey’s Artists at the Crossroads of New Aesthetic Practices and Political Subjectivities“, ITI-Journal 3 (2023).

Verstraete, Pieter. “Leben im Exil auf der Bühne: Türkische Künstler:Innen im Spannungsfeld neuer ästhetischer Praktiken und politischer Subjektivitäten“, ITI-Journal 3 (2023).

Verstraete, Pieter. “Exiled Lives on the Stage – Some Policy Recommendations regarding Support and Selfcare of Turkish Artists at Risk in Germany“, Policy Report, (Sept. 2022).

Verstraete, Pieter and Agata Łuksza, eds. “Editorial Introduction: Activism and Spectatorship“. Special Thematic Issue on Activism and Spectatorship, European Journal for Theatre and Performance (EJTP) 4 (June 2022): pp. 11-22.

Other Publications

Verstraete, Pieter. “An Open Call…“, European Journal for Theatre and Performance (EJTP) 5 (Jan. 2023): pp. 9-17.

Verstraete, Pieter and Luk Van den Dries, eds. “Scholar in Focus: Richard Schechner“, European Journal for Theatre and Performance (EJTP) 5 (Jan. 2023): pp. 181-185.

Redactie Theaterkrant. “Wereldtheaterdag: Een liefdesverklaring van onze recensenten“, Theaterkrant (27 March 2021).

Verstraete, Pieter. “Het verhaal van Eric de Volder in Turkije: Over vriendschap, een school, en het tasten in de schemer van de interculturaliteit”, Documenta XXXIX.1 (2021): pp. 140-75. 

Verstraete, Pieter. “Complex labyrinth van liederen in zeven talen“. On Wold Opera Lab & Podium Mozaïek’s production Arïanna: Liefde Zonder Grenzen, Theaterkrant (14 Sept. 2020).