6 July 2022

  1. Gender Section (part 1 & part 2)

11am-2:15pm (Turkish time)

Chair: Eylem Ejder

 Pelin Doğan & Onur Özger“Theatre as a Political Site of Discourse in the Pandemic: Women’s Experiences, Digital Theatre and Political Performance”Munzur University & Ankara University  
 Zeynep Günsür Yüceil“A Fe(male) Condition Traveling through Turkish Sleeping Beauties’ Memoires to the Possibilities in Existence that Non-existence Draws On” Kadir Has University  
Özgül Akıncı“Public Appearances of the Figure of the Prostitute in Turkey”Independent Scholar (Istanbul)    
 Erdem Avşar“Dramatic Laws for an Alternative Turkey: Towards a Queer Social Contract”University of Glasgow

3pm-5:15pm  (Turkish time)

Chair: Deniz Başar

 Deniz Başar & İnci Olgun“‘Do Not Get Used to Hopelessness’: Precarious Practices of Respect and Co- Existence under the Pressures of Urban Gentrification and Socio-Political Tensions”Boğaziçi University & Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University
Çiğdem Erdöl“Responding Collective Trauma on Stage: Embodied Image-Making”Istanbul University
Erik Blackthorne-O’Barr“‘Did Kantocu Peruz Really Live?’: Nostalgia, Solidarity, and the Afterlives of an Ottoman Genre”Columbia University
Burcu Yasemin Şeyben“Identity and Diversification: Turkish-American Theatre Artists in the US”Bennington College

6pm-8pm  (Turkish time)

Chair: Pieter Verstraete

 Duygu Çelik“The Theme of Repetition in Kurdish Theatre in Turkey: Diyarbakır City Theatre”Munzur University
Aycan Akçamete“Constructing Political Narratives in Performance and Public Sphere: Stage Adaptation of #WeAreArrested by Can Dündar and its Critical Reception”University of Texas
İrem Aydemir“Citizen Theater on the Edge: From Offline to Online Theatre within a Politically Transforming Turkey”University of California, Davis  

8:15pm-9pm (Turkish time)

Chair: Pieter Verstraete

Note: The video links are protected by a password which is only shared between the participants until further notice.