Friday 24 February 2023

12:30-15:30 (Conference Space)

Workshop: “Opportunities in Exile: Fundings and Cooperations to Get Started” with Ece Pazarbaşı (in cooperation with the information center of the Performing Arts Program Berlin)

Getting started in the independent performing arts scene is always a difficult enterprise. However, getting started as an exile artist without speaking the bureaucratic language carries infinite further difficulties in our research and application for funding opportunities. What opportunities are there, how do I approach them? How do we proceed our project development facing foreign systems? What is there to know and where do we find support? This workshop aims to give participants first tools when getting started in Berlin and aiming for funding opportunities.

16:30-18:30 (Conference Space)

Network Event:Getting Started or: How to Cope with the Challenges of a New Start in a New System? with Neslihan Arol (in cooperation with the information center of the Performing Arts Program Berlin)

How do you get started as an artist in self-exile and/or at risk, being challenged by new procedures and inquiries? How do you cope with the emotional load that this big change unquestionably brings with itself? How do you use and channel your creative potential despite the challenges that you face artistically in a new country? The Host Neslihan Arol will share her experiences as an artist with a Turkish background and encourage the participants to ask and exchange about theirs, to share knowledge and encourage artistic connections and community building. 

19:00-20:00 (Conference Space)

Pieter Verstraete, “Exiled Lives on the Stage: Geographies of Migrant Experience and Aesthetic Self-Fashioning”

This presentation of the ExiLives project results will speak to the need for a more pluralistic perspective on German theatre history and its archives because of the newly arriving artists at risk and/or in self-exile.

Pieter Verstraete is a theater scholar, dramaturg and critic based in Berlin. He is currently a tenured Assistant Professor in Arts, Culture and Media at the University of Groningen and a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow at the Theatre Studies Institute of the Free University of Berlin. He previously lectured at the University of Amsterdam, the Radboud University of Nijmegen, the University of Exeter, and various universities in Turkey. He is currently also managing editor of the European Association of Theatre and Performance (EJTP), member of the ExComm of EASTAP, and member of the monitor committee for opera in the Dutch Council for Culture. Publications include Inside Knowledge: (Un)doing Ways of Knowing in the Humanities (CSP 2009), Cathy Berberian: Pioneer of Contemporary Vocality (Ashgate/Routledge 2014), and Theatre, Performance and Commemoration: Staging Crisis, Memory and Nationhood (Bloomsbury 2023).

20:00–22:00 (Conference Space)

Roundtable Panel, “Navigating Institutional Challenges: How and What to Archive? What’s Next? Points of Actions”

Şirin Fulya Erensoy is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Post-doctoral fellow at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. Her current research project focuses on the video production conducted by audio-visual practitioners in the new wave migration from Turkey in Germany. Şirin has worked as a lecturer in Film and Television at various institutions in Turkey. She was the host of independent news outlet Medyascope TV’s English news bulletin This Week in Turkey from 2019-2021.  Since moving to Berlin, she has curated and moderated several film programmes. She joined the WAWA team in the summer of 2021 and has actively been exploring the relationship between activism and archiving.;

Özge Çelikaslan is a practitioner-researcher specialising in autonomous audiovisual archiving, new archival ecosystems in the post-digital era, and collaborative media art production. Her film/video/archival works were shown in biennials and festivals, recently at the 17th Istanbul Biennial. She is co-founder of the digital media archive of social movements, co-editor of the books Surplus of Istanbul (2014, free pub.) and Autonomous Archiving (2016, 2020, dpr-barcelona), and has contributed to publications on film, video, activism, and archiving. Çelikaslan is completing her PhD this year at the Braunschweig University of Art Institute of Media Theory.

Philip Rizk is a film-maker & writer from Cairo living in Berlin. In his films he experiments with methods of “making the habitual strange.” In Out on the Street (2015) he uses performance, and in his found footage films Mapping Lessons (2020) and Terrible Sounds (2022) he does so through the technique of montage. In a world that is breaking down, a question that runs throughout Rizk’s projects is, “how do we prepare ourselves for what is to come?” Rizk is a member of the Mosireen video collective behind the archive His writings include the essay “2011 is not 1968: a letter to an onlooker,” and the co-authored book with Jasmina Metwaly On Trials: A Manual on the Theatre of Law (Archive Books, 2021). He is a 2022/23 fellow of The Berlin Artistic Research Grant Programme. You can follow his work @

Ilgaz Yalçınoğlu is a music researcher born in Turkey who continues his research in Berlin. After completing his undergraduate education in musicology, media studies and art history in Marburg, he started his master’s degree in musicology at Humboldt University Berlin. His research deals with local music cultures, history of popular music and sound politics. He wrote his master thesis on the ” Applying trans* theories to Popular Music Studies through the example of popular music in Turkey” and gave a bachelor course on trans theory and popular music at the Musicology Institute at Humboldt University in winter semester 2022/2023. He facilitated workshops on the politics of sound archiving as part of autonomous sound archiving initiatives. In addition to his academic research, he has been involved with trans*/queer activism in Turkey and Germany.

Wilma Renfordt studied theatre studies, history of art and comparative literature at the Freie Universität Berlin. Since 2007 she has worked as dramaturg, curator and writer in different contexts, among them the theatre collective copy & waste and Projektbüro Friedrich von Borries. In 2016/17 she was dramaturg for the festival steirischer herbst in Graz. Since 2017 she works as a dramaturg for Impulse Theater Festival in Cologne/Düsseldorf/Mülheim an der Ruhr, and since 2022 for the Digital Archive of Independent Performing Arts. The initiative for the archive started in 2012, and now the concept is to be realized in a 3-year project. More info on the archive can be found at (website only in German).